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A Little Something About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the standards of living allowing individuals to grocery shop from the comforts of their home via the Internet forever changing the grocery retail industry one shopping list at a time.

With that focus in mind, we strive to provide excellent customer service meeting the needs of our customers saving you time and giving you more time to enjoy your family or your vacation. Life should not be spent worrying about grocery shopping. Relax and let us serve you!

The Beginnings

Simply Groceries began six years ago. We, the founders of Simply Groceries, were trying to fulfill a need in the Myrtle Beach area. The residents of Myrtle Beach rely upon the vacationers that come and visit the beautiful sand and sun that our geographical area has to offer. Locals of Myrtle Beach cook, clean, sing and dance for our travelling guests. We asked the question, “How can we help our patrons have an even more relaxed and satisfied experience while also providing jobs for our local community?” The answer to this question was the creation of Simply Groceries. Please enjoy your stay and begin your time off with our services of Grocery Delivery!

What's Happening Nowdays

This year we have added another 22 resorts to our direct marketing platform. We must give a big thanks to Brittain Resort Management Group, Wyndham, Vacation Myrtle Beach Group, Condo-Lux, Beach Vacations and which have shown great support in advertising our services. I, personally, would try to stay at a Resort that actually cared about my time and convenience while on vacation. The above mentioned groups are definitely trying to do this for you.

Simply Groceries has also just created a New & Improved website. Our new website offers a more user friendly experience from start to finish.

Our Plans in the Future

Myrtle Beach is a great place to live, work and vacation. Simply Groceries intends to be here for as long as we can provide 100% Customer Satisfaction and continue seeing the smiles from our Happy Customers. We intend to grow, mold and shape our company around the needs of our growing clientele. We Look Forward to Serving You Soon!