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Atkins Advantage Mocha Latte 4 pk

Atkins Advantage Mocha Latte 4 pk

$ 6.98

  • 15G Protein. 1G Sugar. 160 Calories. Only 2G Net Carbs
  • Made With Real Coffee!
  • 4 - 11 Fl Oz (325Ml) Shakes
  • Naturally & Artificially Flavored
  • New Look! Great New Taste!
  • Made with real coffee and rich chocolate, the Atkins Advantage Shake is a great option for your weight lose plans. It contains 15g protein, 1 g sugar, 160 calories and 2g net carbs, you can reach your weight loss goals with this delicious diet shake. Using the Atkins mocha latte shake, you can monitor good carb intake which lets you keep your blood sugar in control. With its low-carb recipes, the diet shake can treat your hunger between meals or on the go. Yummy and delicious, the Atkins mocha latte shake is good for maintaining your optimal weight, too. Naturally and artificially flavored, this shake provides the essential nutrients to keep you energized.