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Bud Light: 12 Oz Cans, 18 Pk

Bud Light: 12 Oz Cans, 18 Pk

$ 16.67

Often called the world's favorite light beer, Bud Light Beer has a light, clean, refreshing flavor that blends subtle hoppiness with delicate malt sweetness. The light-bodied lager is extremely versatile, and the malty sweetness complements flavors like cilantro and ginger.

Bud Light Beer:

  • Called the "world's favorite" light beer
  • Both American and European hops give the beer a clean flavor, while barley malt gives it smoothness and rice makes it refreshing
  • Combines great taste with lower calories--just 110 per 12 ounces
  • Entered the market in 1982 and has been one of America's top-selling beers ever since