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Colgate 360 Full Head Soft Powered Toothbrush 1 ct

Colgate 360 Full Head Soft Powered Toothbrush 1 ct

$ 7.79

  • Unique tongue & cheek cleaner helps comfortably remove odor-causing bacteria
  • Tapered bristles clean between teeth and along the gum line
  • Soft dentist-like polishing cups help delicately remove stains
  • Comfortable raised rubber ribs for better grip
  • Textured soft grip feels good while you brush
  • Wide thumbgrip area for better control

Colgate 360 revolutionizes oral care. Its uniquely designed features clean the teeth, tongue, cheeks and gums-powering away bacteria for a healthy whole-mouth clean. Featuring a cheek & tongue cleaner and a dual-action brush head, this Colgate toothbrush removes 4x more bacteria than the leading battery toothbrush (overall tongue bacteria vs brushing teeth alone). This Colgate toothbrush also has comfortable raised rubber ribs for a better grip, a textured soft grip that feels good while you brush, a wide thumbgrip for better control, an angled neck for a better reach, and soft bristles to gently and effectively clean. Head and batteries are replaceable.