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Finish Jet-Dry Rinse Agent, 8.45oz

Finish Jet-Dry Rinse Agent, 8.45oz

$ 4.85

Finish Jet-Dry Dishwasher Rinse Agent:

  • Fights spots and residue For unbelievable shine
  • Better drying right out of the dishwasher (vs. detergent alone)
  • #1 recommended brand
  • Dishwasher drying agent, 8.45 oz
Get your glasses and dishes shiny clean with no spots when you use Finish Jet-Dry Rinse Agent. It fights residue and mineral deposits to leave your dishware with a sparkling shine. Just add it to your dishwasher before running to get better results than with detergent alone. This dishwasher rinse aid agent helps your dishes dry better. Depending on the kind of water you have, you can end up with streaks and spots all over your dishes. When you use this rinse aid, you can feel confident about using your dishes for guests. This item is bio-degradable, making it an eco-friendly choice. In addition, it is safe to use with septic systems. Enjoy clean dishes every time with this rinse agent.