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Franzia Boxed Wine Pinot Grigio, 5.0 L

Franzia Boxed Wine Pinot Grigio, 5.0 L

$ 24.99

  • Franzia Vintner SelectPinot Grigio.
  • The World's Most Popular Wine.
  • Since 1906.
  • Franzia Boxed Wine Pinot Grigio.
  • 5 liters.
  • Serve chilled.
  • A new beginning - Teresa Franzia, my grandmother, planted her first vineyard along the road to Yosemite in 1906.
  • Her family survived prohibition by selling these grapes to home winemakers back East.
  • When prohibition ended, my father and his six brothers and sisters rebuilt the winery brick by brick, barrel by barrel ... everyone pitched in.
  • After the war, my uncle's new advertising slogan, "make friends with Franzia," introduced a new generation to wine.
  • Teresa and Giuseppe Franzia with their seven children.
  • My dad, Sal, is on the left.
  • As we enter our second century of winemaking, we strive to uphold Teresa's legacy of quality, freshness and value.
  • Not just by winning competitions around the world, but more importantly, by helping to bring the enjoyment of good wine to your home each night.
  • Please visit us at:
  • Imported by Franzia Vineyards, Ripon and Cutler, Ca.
  • Contains sulfites.
  • Freshness Assurance Franzia.
  • This wine is best when it is consumed before.
  • The World's most popular wine is also the World's most cost and carbon efficient wine.
  • We are proud of what we are doing and we plan to do more.
  • Smaller Carbon Footprint.
  • 50% more carbon efficient than 750ml glass bottles.
  • Lighter than heavy glass bottles, Franzia WineTaps require fewer trucks to deliver the same amount of wine resulting in less emissions, less pollution, less cost and less greenhouse gases.
  • Significantly Less Packaging Waste.
  • Franzia WineTaps dramatically reduce the environmental burden of excess packaging by creating 85% less waste than traditional glass.
  • Fresh Taste.
  • This award-winning wine stays fresh to the last glass, even after the package has been opened, because Franzia's patented spout and unique inner pouch prevent the oxidation in half empty wine-in-bottles.
  • At least 6 weeks after opening.
  • That occurs enjoy for.
  • 5 liters Alc.
  • I 2.0% by volume.