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Gas-X Extra Strength Antigas Softgels, 72 ct

Gas-X Extra Strength Antigas Softgels, 72 ct

$ 14.44

  • Tasteless soft gel is easy to swallow
  • Extra-strength gas pain relief to calm your upset stomach fast
  • Simethicone soft gels help relieve stomach pressure, discomfort and bloating
  • Made with simethicone, an effective gas-relieving ingredient
  • Available in a 72 ct size
Enjoy the food you love without the gassy, bloated feeling with the Extra-Strength Gas-X Soft Gels. Whether you're eating at home or dining out, the Gas-X Soft Gels are dietary supplements that work to prevent gas, stomach pressure and bloating. Each Extra-Strength Gas-X Soft Gel contains simethicone, the number one doctor-recommended gas-fighting ingredient. Perfect to keep in your bag or purse, these simethicone soft gels contain a concentrated liquid of gas-fighting medicine. With no chalky aftertaste, you can take gas-pain relief in just one easy-to-take capsule. Plus, the Gas-X Soft Gels are available in different strengths, so you can choose the gas pain relief that's right for you.