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Glad ClingWrap Plastic Wrap, 200 Square Foot Roll

Glad ClingWrap Plastic Wrap, 200 Square Foot Roll

$ 3.69

This 200 square foot roll of Glad ClingWrap clings tightly to keep air out and help keep food fresh.

Protect the foods you love and help keep them fresher, longer, with Glad ClingWrap. This plastic food wrap clings tightly to containers and seals easily to keep air from seeping in. It contains no BPA or plasticizers, and is microwave safe, so you can reheat with confidence and enjoy your leftovers a second time around. Help keep your food from going to waste with this easy-to-use roll of food wrap. At home or on the go, Glad seals in goodness.

Find start of roll and return to box. Place box on flat surface and push in tabs to hold roll of plastic food wrap in place. Pull amount of food wrap needed and tear up and across. Slightly stretch wrap over food or container so air does not seep in. When using in the microwave, allow at least 1 inch of space between cling wrap and food. Turn back one corner of food wrap to vent.

Non-toxic polyethylene. BPA-Free.

Avoid contact with sharp cutting edge. When microwaving: do not use ClingWrap when using a browning dish, do not pierce holes, and do not allow contact with hot sugary and fatty foods as this may cause melting.


Warning Text: Caution: Sharp Cutting Edge Under Tear Strip. Avoid Contact. Tear Here. 


Instructions: 1. Take Roll Out of Box and Find Start of Roll. Return Roll to Box. 2. Place Box On Flat Surface and Push In Tabs. 3. Pull Amount of Wrap Needed. Tear Wrap Up and Across. 4. Slightly Stretch Wrap Over Food Or Container So Air Does Not Seep In Microwave Directions: 1. For Best Results, Use A Container That Allows At Least One Inch of Space Between Clingwrap and Food. 2. Turn Back One Corner of Clingwrap to Vent. 3. Use of Any Plastic Product With Foods High In Fat and Sugar May Cause Melting. Always Use Caution When Removing Wrap from Heated Foods